PDM Technologist is the new module of TECHNOCLASS system


pdm technolog e nov modul na sistema technoclassThe new module of Technoclass system ‘PDM Technologist’ is an innovative solution for product lifecycle management. It features an intuitive design and provides the ability to enter and visualize complex product information from a single operation task. It maintains information on basic and auxiliary materials, workpiece and material consumption rates, shop-to-shop flow sheet and technological documentation of the product. User access to MRP data is provided from the task.

In ‘PDM Technologist’ the user can make reference to the degree of completion of the technological documentation, visualise sketches and schemes and track the changes made to the technological documentation.

The functional scope of ‘PDM Technologist’ includes:

• Management of workflows and processes

• Management of product structures

• Generation of samples and references

• Design of design specifications

• Design of group specifications

• Visualization of sketches and schemes

• Configuring product executions

• Design of norm for base material and billet

• Design of shop-to-shop flow sheet

• Design of route technologies

• Design of group technologies

• Issuance of initial notes

More about the functional capabilities of “PDM Тechnologist” can be found in the video.