The specialized industry solution for polygraphic production management covers the management of business processes from the customer order to the packaging of production.

Management of customer inquiries and orders

For each customer order, the procedure evaluates the availability of materials, the delivery time of the deficit, the workload of production resources and the production time. The system thus determines an expected lead time for the customer order.

For each new product, the user creates a technological list for production. It contains information on the characteristics of the product, the required printing plates, dies, paper and inks, as well as technological treatments.

The warehouse system maintains data on paper rolls with their parameters and type. Materials are written-off by order.

Production Planning

Production and supply planning in a polygraphic enterprise follows the model of enterprise management. The model is defined by procedural parameters. It describes the organisational and technological specifics of procurement, production and sales. The production plan contains workshop orders for the execution of production orders and job tasks for the execution of individual machinery operations. The plan is visualised by Gantt charts and tables by order, machine, shift and brigades.

Production Reporting

Operators report production through a terminal located near the machine. They indicate the order, operation and machine on which the execution will take place. They register the start and end of the execution of operations. The data is pre-set and the report is reduced to one click.

When the operation is indicated, this causes the machine to be automatically connected to the equipment – dies and printing plates. The results are accumulated in their passports.

The direct connection of the production management system to the equipment provides a new level of control. The machine’s production run is automatically accumulated in the database along with order, product, performance and operator.  Such connection enables to receive machine status, downtime, setups and breakdowns. An OEE chart indicates equipment and operator performance.

All information is available on the supervisor’s smartphone in real time.

Expedition of finished products

Finished goods shall be prepared for dispatch with the issued cost inventories. Completion is controlled by a mobile terminal. The mobile terminals are also used for the receipt of materials in the warehouses, their transfer to production, inventory, registration of paper rolls placed on the machines.

Equipment control

Visualizing the status of the machines and providing real-time data on their speed and executed orders increases productivity and shortens lead times.

TECHNOCLASS also automates the operations of polygraphic enterprises in processes such as dealing with contractors, purchasing, sales, maintenance management and repairs of production equipment.