Digital Summer 2020 ended with a webinar for TECHNOCLASS users


webinar ucheben ceh

On 24 and 25 September 2020, L-CLASS closed the Digital Summer 2020 initiative with a training webinar for enterprises-users of Technoclass system.

The lecturer Yosif Levy presented to the participants the new version of Technoclass system with an updated interface and new functionalities. The new versions of the production preparation management module PDM Technologist and the interactive graphic scheme Technoclass Navigator for planning, dispatching and reporting of repairs and maintenance were presented.

The use of RFID cards, mobile and stationary terminals in the management of material flow in warehouses and production workshops was presented. The new Technoclass Operation Control functionality with the use of individual terminals aroused great interest among the enterprises. The functionality manages the reporting of production job tasks, the registration of machine downtime and calls to service divisions.

Petar Ivanov, Implementation and Support Director at L-Class and Vasil Grigorov, Business Consultant, demonstrated the new interface of Technoclass and the new functional solutions with examples from a ‘live’ software system.

The second part of the webinar was a discussion of case studies and participants. They presented the automation projects for the production management of their enterprises. Together with L-Class consultants and other participants, they discussed current projects, solutions and opportunities for improvement.

Participation in the webinar was attended by representatives of Serta Group Ltd., Arsenal JSCo., Badestnost JSCo., Centillion Ltd., Impuls JSCo., Caproni JSCo., Gamakabel JSCo, Expal Bulgaria Ltd., Kolorado Ltd. and others.

Within the framework of the Digital Summer 2020 initiative, L-CLASS held 7 thematic webinars on production management. The webinars were aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises from different sectors of the industry.  The leading mission of L-CLASS is to increase the knowledge and key competencies of responsible specialists for production management using ERP and MES system.