L-Class introduced ERP and MES in plastic production enterprises


On 22 April 2021, L-CLASS held a webinar on “Digitalization of Plastic Product Manufacturing with ERP and MES”.

The leading lecturer Yosif Levy presented to managers and leading specialists in production management the processes of material rationing, labor rationing and creation of technological routes for the production of plastic products.

The formation of a calendar and operational plan, a supply plan and cooperations were considered. For the needs of production dispatching, Yosif Levy demonstrates the interactive graphic module “Technoclass Navigator”, through which dispatchers effectively manage production orders.

The participants were presented with examples of a report on the production of plastic products and components through connection with equipment and terminals in the workshops.

Examples of warehouse management with mobile terminals, implementation of incoming material control and shelf life management were also discussed.

Yosif Levy also presented the management of equipment repairs, which is an essential element of the management systems of enterprises with plastic production.