TECHNOCLASS Production Management

TECHNOCLASS Production Management

The functional scope of  TECHNOCLASS Production Management includes


TECHNOCLASS Production Management maintains a database containing a wide range of counterparty data including identification data, accounting and banking details, organizational structure of the counterparty, address and contact information, commercial information (payment schemes, delivery terms and conditions, pricing methods), price lists, operational information (data on the history of relations with the counterparty: transactions, quantities, value), freely user-definable characteristics of each counterparty.

TECHNOCLASS Production Management automates the tracking of deadlines and the organization of shipment for individual customer orders. The system manages the preparation of sales documents, the definition and application of pricing and discounting methods, the maintenance of special price lists and the issue of invoices.

TECHNOCLASS Production Management automates the execution of supply planning, management and reporting activities including forecasting shortages or overstocking, maintaining material balances, entering and processing material requests, generating and validating supplier orders and maintaining a directory of qualified suppliers. The system provides statistical analyses of supplies, information on the history of supplier relationships.


With TECHNOCLASS Production Management the structures of the products are managed and maintained: design, technological, production, etc. The system manages the design of design and group specifications, configuration of product performances, rationing of basic and auxiliary materials, workpiece parameters.

TECHNOCLASS Production Management manages the design process for splitting, routing technologies and operational technologies. The system manages modifications and the design process of the products.


Using TECHNOCLASS Production Management automates the processes of production planning, management and reporting. The system supports three levels of planning (volumetric, calendar and operational) and 18 different planning procedures depending on the chosen model and strategy of the enterprise. On the basis, the enterprise calendar plan and the workshop operation plan are formed.

TECHNOCLASS Production Management manages the dispatching of planning and workshop orders, warehouse management, material flows and production capacity utilization rates.

The system supports process control tools using Gantt charts.

When reporting workshop orders, the system records the quantity of finished goods and waste and reports labor input by operation and workplace.


The main sequence of MES functions supported by the system includes the detailed planning according to the APS standard and the creation of job tasks for the execution of operations; the multi-criteria allocation of job tasks between operators and machines, the optimization of job task allocation, quality control and management.

The system offers job task management using Gantt charts. To ensure the efficiency of the workshop production, it is essential to create shift and daily work programs for the workshop, brigades, machines and transport services. The system also does not underestimate the production processes and production facilities managed directly or through integration with specialized systems.


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