Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering


Production Management

The key to effective production management in a mechanical engineering company is the automation of production planning and reporting. It is related to the creation and maintenance of design and technological documentation of products and the management of its changes.

Production planning

Production planning in TECHNOCLASS is performed on two levels. This corresponds to the discrete nature of engineering production. On the basis of the sales plan, taking into account work in progress, current stock, delivery orders and through various planning parameters and modes, the system generates the production calendar plan. The planning procedure manages the degree of overlap in the timing of production stages to bring them as close as possible to actual production deadlines. The order priority management arranges their execution in production according to the available production resource. Material shortages identified by balancing in the planning procedure lead to a delay in the start of production. The possibility of automatic batch aggregation is managed by parameters in the model.

Parameters are also used to manage the creation of production batches, reflecting the specifics of production. The level of stock guarantee is managed automatically depending on changes in demand. The effectiveness of production planning automation is increased when adding cutting tool and equipment planning.

Operational Planning

The task of operational planning is to order the execution of operations and assign them to machines and work places, taking into account the capacity of their production resource. Operational planning is only workable if the organisational and technical prerequisites for real-time production reporting are created. Stationary and mobile terminals, individual communication means, controllers for connection with the equipment are used for the system operation. With real-time production data, managers can react quickly to problems and manage the sustainability and efficiency of the production process.

Using TECHNOCLASS’ specialized management tasks, companies have been able to reduce work-in-process volume by up to 25%, reduce inventory by up to 30% and increase production efficiency by up to 7%. The success of TECHNOCLASS in mechanical engineering production management is guaranteed by the functional complexity of the software. It incorporates the management of almost all business processes in an enterprise.


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