Mining industry

Mining industry

The mining industry is a complex sector with intensive and risky processes and operations. One of the most important challenges in the mining industry is the timely maintenance of equipment so that the achievement of production goals is not hindered or at least losses are minimized.

Technoclass Repairs & Maintenance manages the entire equipment lifecycle, from design, manufacture, procurement, installation and commissioning to follow-on maintenance, service and preventive maintenance, refurbishment and decommissioning.

The system maintains a passport for each production unit with its characteristics, equipment used and repair plan. The data on the service life of the equipment obtained from the main production report is stored in the machine passport.

Technoclass Repairs & Maintenance maintains planned preventive, routine and emergency repairs.
Scheduling of planned repairs is done based on the operating resources of the equipment or based on planned equipment usage information obtained from the production orders of the main production.

Site inspections are scheduled based on calendar or operational maintenance intervals.

A balance sheet is prepared to plan the production of spare parts and materials by day for the planning period. It includes data from planned repair orders expected to commence on that date, data on quantities available and data on expected receipts from supplies and production at the balance sheet date.

Repair activities are recorded using terminals and tablets.