TECHNOCLASS Data Collection System

TECHNOCLASS Data Collection System

Data Collection System is the new functional direction of TECHNOCLASS system developed by L-Class specialists.

With the use of industrial terminals located in the production areas, enterprises manage and report in real time the execution of workshop orders and production job tasks and control the quality of manufactured products through digital meters.

Real-time information on the current status of the machine (active, downtime, breakdown, setup), its speed, as well as information on the quantity of production is fed to the TECHNOCLASS ERP & MES system via controllers built into the equipment.

As a result of the parallel processing of the data coming from the machines and the data entered by the workers from the industrial terminals, the system provides a reliable and objective assessment of the efficiency of both the production machines (presented in the form of OEE diagrams) and the production as whole.

Data Collection System has been successfully implemented in Serta Bulgaria (Kardzhali), Caproni (Kazanlak), DKC (Tver), ZMM Stomana (Silistra), Impuls (Gabrovo), Elecs Group Holding (Varna), Kolorado (Pazardzhik), Magnetic Media Mechanics (Dragor), Ansa Borima (Troyan).

Main advantages


Making continuous monitoring of production and cost of production and allowing immediate response to any deviation from the norm;

» Optimise machine loading and material utilization;

» Ensuring predictability of the production process;

» Competitive advantages in satisfying customer orders;

» Quick return on technology investment.


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