TECHNOCLASS Repairs Management

TECHNOCLASS Repairs Management


The operability of production equipment is a necessary condition for the production activity of any industrial enterprise. In turn, the efficiency of maintenance and repair (TRM) affects the overall efficiency of the enterprise both directly (efficiency of use of resources allocated to TRM) and by ensuring the efficiency of production equipment through the synchronization of MRO processes with production processes.

TECHNOCLASS Repairs Management manages the entire lifecycle of the equipment, from design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning to follow up, service and preventive maintenance, retrofit, refurbishment and decommissioning.

The system supports all business processes of maintenance and repair (TRM) management of the main production funds


» Passport of main and auxiliary equipment, including identification of equipment units, maintenance information (structure, parameters, technical documentation) for the units;

» Description of the hierarchical structure of TRM objects;

» Design of the technological processes of TRM;

» Determine the planned cost of repairs;

» Creation and maintenance of payroll equipment defect and notices of required repairs;

» Scheduling of repairs based on inter-repair resource, equipment utilization plans and reports in production processes;

» Scheduling the supply of spare parts, materials and semi-finished products based on a calendar plan for technical service and repairs;

» Scheduling of subcontracted repair activities;

» Spare parts production planning;

» Management of planned repairs, condition repairs and emergency repairs;

» Dispatching of orders and job tasks for repair;

» Management of stores for materials, space parts, equipment and stock;

» Supply management of parts, tools, equipment, materials;

» Calculation of actual cost of repairs and comparison with planned cost;

» Manage TRM calls by automatically texting the equipment operator of the need for a visit and follow-up to ensure compliance with the regulatory response time;

» Analysis of the effectiveness of the enterprise’s activities in the area of equipment management.




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