TECHNOCLASS Navigator is a dynamic interactive scheme for production management. The innovative solution visualizes the production orders for the execution of the customer order in different color indication depending on the stage of its execution. The scheme visualizes the product structure, component balance, stock, allocated quantities, material shortages and orders to suppliers. The schema is scalable, orders can be re-planned, grouped by different criteria, shifted from one workshop to another, put into production and closed.

TECHNOCLASS Navigator visualizes the production operations that are to be performed. With the touch of a button, the user can report their execution and take into account the manufactured products. The system writes off the inputs from the warehouse. Production orders can be presented with Gantt charts.


Main functions


» Visualization of the production schedule using graphical elements in their sequence and parallelism;

» Generate real-time information from the outstanding portion of the calendar plan;

» Graphical visualization of the deficit (by production orders and customer orders)

» Graphical visualization of outstanding job tasks by orders in their parallelism and sequence of production using drill down; » Scheduling orders by workshop over time (by days, weeks and months);

» Scheduling job tasks by workshop over time (by days, weeks and months);

» Scaling the graphics circuit, changing the orientation of the circuit, shrinking and stretching the levels of the graphics circuit;

» Insert and delete orders with automatic real-time rescheduling;

» Graphical visualization of the balance of material needs;

» Tracking the movement of inventory on orders;

» Visualization of the order information from the scheme in Gantt chart;

» Visualization of the job task information from the scheme in Gantt chart;

» Reporting through the order execution scheme;

» Move orders between workshops via drag and drop with automatic rescheduling;

» Move orders over time via drag and drop with automatic rescheduling;

» Administer user tasks, authorize users, maintain setup parameters. Maintenance of the system’s unified nomenclature base;

»Designer of screens for access to master nomenclatures, warehouse transactions and invoices. Reference generator.


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