Digital Summer 2020 launches with first webinar


Уебинар на Л-Клас за подготовка на производствотоOn 25 June 2020, L-Class held the first training webinar of the “Digital Summer 2020” initiative to manage the technological preparation of production.

The leading lecturer Yosif Levy presented to the audience 8 types of product structures, recipe creation, design and group specification.

The processes of creating a product modification and rationing the cost of basic material and billet were discussed. The design of shop-to-shop flow sheet, individual, standard and group routing technologies was also demonstrated.

At the end of the webinar, examples of managing the technological preparation of production from a “live” software system were demonstrated to the participants.

Representatives of companies from different branches of industry – mechanical engineering, metal processing, production of plastic products, etc. took part in this webinar.

The upcoming webinars of the Digital Summer 2020 initiative will be held on Thursday in the coming summer months. The main focus will be production management. The webinars will follow the entire process from production preparation, through production planning and reporting to the shipment of final production.