PDM Technologist


PDM Technologist is the new module of the Technoclass system that provides the management of product information. Products can be both various complex technical objects (machines, cars, etc.) and their individual aggregates and assemblies.

The basic functionality of PDM Technologist includes:

  • Data nad document storage management
  • Workflow and process management
  • Management of product structures
  • Generation of extracts and reports
  • Authorisation mechanism
  • Design of design specifications
  • Design of group specifications
  • Visualization of skeches and schematics
  • Configuration of product implementations
  • Design of a norm for base material and billet
  • Design of shop-to-shop flowsheets
  • Design of routing technologies
  • Design of group technologies
  • Issuing change notices

PDM Technologist tracks large amounts of data and engineering and technical information needed at the design and production stages, as well as information on the maintenance of operation, servicing and utilization of technical products. PDM Technologist integrates information in different formats and types, providing it to users in a structured form. The module works not only with data and text documents, but also with graphic data.

The module creates configurations of manufactured products, route technologies and compiles lists of materials. Documents can be displayed on monitor screens. PDM Technologist provides an opportunity for group work of project specialists, namely real-time viewing and joint use of fragments of common information resources in the enterprise.