Production Management in a Metalworking Shop


On 16 June 2022, L-CLASS held a webinar on ‘Production Management in a Metalworking Shop’.

The presenter Yosif Levy presented the specifics and main challenges in managing a metalworking shop. The main objectives for achieving effective production management and the specific tasks for their implementation were discussed.

Yosif Levy introduced the participants to production planning models, material supply and cooperative planning and dispatching.

Yosif Levy presented 6 real-time reporting solutions using fixed, mobile and individual terminals as well as RFID/NFC card reporting.

Important highlights of the presentation were digitized machine reporting in the shop floor management system, machine and operator efficiency analysis, and digitization of inventory management.

The participants were introduced to quality management in the shop floor, including the implementation of incoming and operational quality control.

The webinar topics also included the automation of machine servicing in the shop floor and the formation of the shop floor payroll

At the end of the webinar, the presenter introduced already implemented projects for the management of a metalworking shop.