L-Class Services Privacy Policy


L-Class Services Privacy Policy

(Version 10.02.2021)

I. Scope

This policy covers the privacy practices that L-Class Ltd (L-CLASS) uses when providing implementation, support, cloud or other services (the “Services”) to its customers (“you” or “your”). This Service Privacy Policy is intended to clarify that L-CLASS use of information to which it has been granted a right of access to provide the Services is more limited than its use of information covered by the L-CLASS Privacy Policy.

II. Customer Personal Data and Customer Other Data

  • Customer Personal Data is information that L-CLASS may collect as a result of your interaction with L-CLASS. This data may include, but is not limited to, names, address, payment information and contact information for certain employees. L-CLASS processes customer personal data in accordance with the terms of L-CLASS Privacy Policy.
    е информация, която Л-КЛАС може да събира в резултат от Вашето взаимодействие с Л-КЛАС. Тези данни могат да включват, но не се ограничават до имена, адрес, данни за плащане и информация за връзка с някои служители. Л-КЛАС обработва личните данни на клиента съгласно условията на Декларацията за поверителност.
  • Customer Other Data is data that resides on L-CLASS or customer systems that L-CLASS has the right to access in order to provide services (including cloud environments, test environments, production environments). This data may contain personal data of its employees, customers, suppliers and partners. L-CLASS handles other customer data in accordance with the terms of this Service Privacy Policy and handles other customer data as confidential in accordance with the terms of your contract with L-CLASS.

III. L-CLASS uses Customer other data to:

Provide services and resolve problems. Customer Other Data may be accessed and used to perform services in accordance with your request for assistance, consulting, cloud or other services, and to confirm your compliance with the terms of your order. This may include advice in relation to the regular use of the software product, troubleshooting inconsistencies, processing data in the customer database, setting parameters, activating new versions of the software product including testing, patches, updates and upgrades; monitoring and testing system usage and performance and more.

IV. Customer other data storage

L-CLASS will store Customer Other Data, including any copies of such data, only for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purpose described above or to comply with a legal obligation that applies to L-CLASS.

V. Limitations

L-CLASS does not use customer data other than as set out above or in your request/order/contract. L-CLASS may process other customer data, but is not responsible for the type or content of such data and does not control your practices for collecting or using other customer data. If you provide the other customer data to L-CLASS, you are responsible, in the event that it contains Personal Data, to provide notifications and/or obtain the necessary consents to enable L-CLASS to have the right to access, use and store the customer other data as set out in this Service Privacy Policy and in your request/order/contract.

VI. Access Control, Security and Breach Notification

L-CLASS’s access to customer other data is based on position/responsibility. You control access to Customer Other Data through your end users; end users should direct any requests related to their Personal Data to you.

L-CLASS is committed to the security of Customer’s Other Data and has physical, administrative and technical measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to such information. L-CLASS’s security policies cover the security management of both its internal operations and services. These policies, which are in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001, govern all areas of security applicable to the Services and apply to all L-CLASS employees. Detailed regulations have been developed for the security practices that apply to many of their service offerings, which can be made available for your review upon request.

L-CLASS security policies and procedures are reviewed and overseen by the L-CLASS Security and Governance Committee (SGC). The PSC is responsible for security oversight, compliance and enforcement, as well as for conducting information security assessments and managing the development of information security policy and strategy.

L-CLASS is committed to reducing the risks of human error, theft, fraud and misuse of L-CLASS facilities. All L-CLASS employees are informed of L-CLASS security policies. L-CLASS conducts periodic employee training on the implementation of security policies. L-CLASS employees are required to maintain confidentiality when providing services. Employee obligations include written confidentiality agreements, regular information security training, and compliance with the company’s policy on protecting confidential information.

L-CLASS promptly assesses and responds to incidents that raise suspicions of unauthorized processing of service delivery data. L-CLASS’s SGC shall be informed of such incidents and, depending on the nature of the activity, determine guidelines and measures to address the incidents. If L-CLASS determines that other customer data has been misused (including by an employee of L-CLASS) or otherwise improperly acquired by a third party, L-CLASS will promptly report such misuse or acquisition to you.

VII. Dispute Resolution

If you have any complaints regarding our compliance with this Service Privacy Policy, you should first contact L-CLASS. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes relating to the use and disclosure of Personal Data in accordance with this policy.

VIII. Changes to the Service Privacy Policy

L-CLASS reserves the right to modify this Service Privacy Policy as necessary, and you can always find the most current version on this page. In the event that the changes envisaged would have an effect on the security and use of your data, we will notify you of their imminent entry into force by e-mail or by a message on the website.