PDM Technologist with a new design


PDM Tehcnolog screenshot

The development of the new module of the system Technoclass PDM Technologist is in its final stages.

The module provides the ability to enter and visualize complex product information on a single work screen. It concerns information about the main and auxiliary materials, work-piece and cost rates, flowsheet, product technology, MRP data. From the same screen, the user can make reference to the degree of completion of the process documentation, view a sketch or diagram and track changes made to the process documentation.

In parallel with the extension of PDM Technologist functionality, L-Class’s specialists are working on a complete redesign of the module. The purpose is to create an intuitive interface by applying new design solutions, speeding up and facilitating the work of users.

The new module for the management of technological information about the product will be completely redesigned by the middle of the year.