Yosif Levy: 'We support enterprises in increasing the efficiency of business processes'


Yosif Levi-Technoclass

The company has many years of experience in the development and implementation of ERP/MES – systems TECHNOCLASS. What is their purpose and what opportunities does it open to their users?

Initially, TECHNOCLASS was developed as a production technological preparation system. Later it developed into the direction of production management. Subsequently, functions for financial management, accounting, deliveries, sales, etc. began to be added. This is how a complete ERP system was created. In recent years, the MES module has received strong development, as well as the collection and processing of production data through industrial terminals in workshops.

To date, the TECHNOCLASS ERP system has all the basic functional capabilities required for the management of large, medium and small enterprises. In TECHNOCLASS systems package, we should also mention PDM, repair management, quality management, document management and a number of other smaller systems.

The functional capabilities of TECHNOCLASS define it as an extremely effective tool in the hands of the leaders. They get quick access to up-to-date and accurate information with the necessary degree of detail. Processes are analyzed in real-time and this is a prerequisite for timely effective management decisions. With such an instrument, the management of the enterprise achieves a significant increase in the efficiency of business processes and cost reduction. For example, by changing the planning parameters and management model in TECHNOCLASS, our customer was able to reduce work in progress by 25% and inventories by 30%. In another company, the productivity of the workshop after MES implementation increased by 7%.

TECHNOCLASS is also the bearer of technological knowlege for business process management, which largely solves the problem associated wih the ever-increasing shortage of qualified staff and the dependence on the subjective element in the management of production enterprises.

Undoubtedly, one of the great benefits for leaders is to obtain information about the production cost and quality of production at the stage of its production, at a time when correction of the process is still possible.

 Have you implemented projects in which TECHNOCLASS solutions are integrated with other systems? Tell us about some of them.

Yes, of course! Typically, such integration is required in larger enterprises. Such is the example in two enterprises with a common leadership. SAP is implemented there and production is managed with TECHNOCLASS. The two systems are integrated and the exchange of data is in real-time. They work as a single system. We have realised a similar integration in a shoe manufacturing company that has three plants in different cities. They are managed with TECHNOCLASS and the financial and accounting function is implemented in their local system. In various projects we have implemented integrations with BAAN, PDM, PAYROLL and Human Resources Management.

According to your observations, is it difficult to transition to automated business management for a company?

Yes, it is not easy! Starting a project, the management and staff of the enterprise should know that there are several difficult months ahead. An ERP implementation project is undertaken to change the way the enterprise works. The automation of the ‘notebook’ does not lead to increased efficiency.

It is an illusion that with automation, work will decrease. In the ERP system many times more information is processed than the one formalized before the project. This information needs to be created and this is new additional work.

Another illusion is that consultants will come, do everything and one day people in the enterprise will wake up with a working ERP system. Here is the place of the metaphor with my weight loss: “I dream of losing weight like any overweight person. In this regard, I am looking for a counterparty with whom to sign a contract in which he undertakes to follow a diet and guarantees that I will lose weight.” Consultants are only a catalyst in this process.

Yosif Levy, Manager of L-Class Ltd., in front of “Engineering review” magazine