Knitwear industry

Knitwear industry

The specificity in the manufacturing organization in knitwear factories is the preparation of workpieces and materials for sewing in batches of 10 units and the movement of the sets from one workplace to another and to the final place for packing.

In its movement, each batch is accompanied by an RFID-card for batch identification.

An industrial terminal is located at each workstation on the production sites of the knitwear plant.

Upon receipt of the next batch, the worker identifies himself, the workplace, the batch of the product and the start of the execution of the next operations  using the terminal, his RFID card and the RFID card of the batch. If the workstation where the batch is located matches the technology, the terminal screen displays the operations the worker needs to perform. If it does not match, an error message is displayed on the positioning and type of workstation where the batch should be located.

Similarly, the worker registers the execution of the scheduled operations and the readiness of the batch to move to the next workstation.

Using the information received in real time from the industrial terminals, TECHNOCLAS solves the following tasks:

♦ It ensures the completion of the workpieces and materials of one standard color from the standard palette of industrial colors used in the enterprise for the production of each batch;

♦ Ensures that each batch is correctly transported and that the technological operations are carried out in the sequence specified by the technology;

♦ Monitors the actual duration of execution of individual operations and compliance with the norm times;

♦ Provides real-time data on each worker’s labor participation

♦ Provides data on the amount of transactional pay for the work performed;

♦ Provides real-time data on the execution of production orders.