How to manage the production of hydraulic products?


In order for a hydraulic products company to manage its production efficiently, it needs to solve several key tasks in the automation process:

» Full traceability of production for each hydraulic product. This includes registration of material batch data, operator identification and the timing of manufacturing operations for each item of product structure (BOM), including assembly, control tests and packaging.

» Timely registration and updating of clients’ orders by terms and quantities. Splitting orders into production batches. The goal is to achieve an up-to-date production program in real-time.

» Create and maintain product design and technology structures.

» Managing the design process of production documentation

» Equipment load balancing

» Planning material requirements as a function of time;

» Registration of control measurements by series

» Detailed management reporting;

» Minimizing production management errors due to subjective factor

» Achieving higher customer satisfaction;

The solution to these tasks can be found in the document ‘Production management of hydraulic products with an automated system’. The document contains 25 pages and reflects the experience of project implementation in enterprises producing hydraulic components and general ideas in the formation of a concept for the management of this type of production.

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Document Content:

  1. Main objectives
  2. Sales order management
  3. Product Structure(BOM)
  4. Technological preparation of production
  5. Management of newly manufactured product
  6. Equipment management
  7. Production planning and management
  8. Foundry production management
  9. MRP II Planing
  10. Hydraulic production management model
  11. Results