Digital Transformation in Furniture Manufacturing


mebelno_proizvodstvoOn 22 July 2021, L-CLASS held a webinar on ‘Digital Transformation in Furniture Manufacturing’.

The presenter Yosif Levy introduced the webinar participants to specific aspects of the technological preparation of production in furniture enterprises. Attention was paid to the creation of product structures by details and sets of details, material rationing and labor rationing.

In addition Yosif Levy presented different models of furniture production planning, enterprise calendar plan generation and workshop operational plan.

The participants got acquainted with some projects of production reporting with fixed and mobile terminals.

Examples of management of warehouses for materials and finished products with mobile terminals were also discussed.

Yosif Levy introduced the audience to the topic of calculating planned and factual cost in furniture production.

Realized projects for automation of production management in the furniture and woodworking industry were presented.